Home office tips

5 home office tips for contractors

Home offices come in many shapes and forms, from the spare floor of your Beverley Hill’s mansion to the cupboard under the stairs in Chertsey. Whatever your situation there are some universal characteristics of a good, productive office space. Get the best of your space with our home office tips!

Best chair you can afford

I was once told to invest in good shoes and a good bed because the likelihood is that you’ll be in one of them. I’m going to add a good office chair to this list. When kitting out your space a substantial percentage of your budget should be allocated to your ergonomic office chair. An old table will suffice as a desk if necessary, paperwork can be on a pile on the floor when you start out but your chair needs to be perfect!

Let there be light!

Most of us don’t have a great amount of space to select our perfect office area but take light into consideration. I personally work much better with natural daylight compared to a fluorescent-lit office. Too much light and you’ll struggle to see the screen, too dark and you may go mad! You need to make sure that you are not straining your eyes, through squinting or through screen-glare. Get the light right and you’re half-way there.

The tech’s the thing

If you’re reading this you’re likely to be an IT / software consultant and well, you probably think you don’t need a lecture on tech from us. You know your field but we come across so many incredibly bright consultants who seem unable to find the hold function on their phones, configure email or work the photocopier. Take the time to ensure your tech is programmed to suit your situation, you know how to use it and it’s placed logically in your office area.

A haven of calm

You may not have a lot of choice about the space you use but setting up an office in the children’s playroom is probably not going to work out! Communal areas should be avoided and if it’s impossible some strict rules need to be laid down. You don’t want to feel like the baddie of the family all the time by telling people to be quiet because you’re working!

Prioritising your files

As with any office it’s important to organise. In your home office it is likely that storage is limited and some files may need to be kept in the attic. Storage by your desk must contain the information you need on a regular basis. When setting up, rigorously prioritise your files, books, notebooks – everything. If you are really organised, catalogue your documents and their location – it really helps when tax deadlines come around!