Brand Yourself as a Top SuccessFactors and Workday Consultant

Become a super SuccessFactors and Workday consultant!

When working in or looking to break into the SuccessFactors and Workday world it is important that you brand yourself in the most marketable and positive way.  An ideal SuccessFactors and Workday consultant has a consistent, credible and impressive profile online as well as in person.

There are various factors to consider, but we would definitely recommend the following –

  1. Make sure your CV looks tip top (see our recent ‘CV Tips for SuccessFactors and Workday Consultants’ news for more information on how to do this!)
  2. Work on your LinkedIn profile. 99% of clients will look at your LinkedIn profile as well as looking at your CV. So make sure it looks as good as your CV and importantly that the profiles match in every way (in terms of dates / companies / certifications etc.) We don’t want to cause any confusion with discrepancies between the 2.
  3. Make sure that you present a professional image on any other Social Networking sites that you belong too as well such as Facebook etc. Clients may see you on there!
  4. Also that your photo on your Skype account looks professional too as often clients will want to talk to you using Skype.

Small things, but all important as I am sure you can see. So why not do a branding ‘spring clean’ now by following the above advice and ensure you will be seen as the SuccessFactors and Workday superhero that you are!