Choosing an HRIS: Find the one that’s right for you

What are HRIS’s?

If you’re reading this article the likelihood is that you know what an HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is.  However, there are many on the market and each system offers different functions, benefits and limitations. In its most comprehensive form, an HRIS provides a platform that covers every task of a company’s HR department, whereas more basic systems cover essential activities such as payroll and leave management but may exclude training programmes, performance records and recruitment processes.

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HR Software for Microenterprise

“Hey, we’re tiny! We don’t need an HRIS, I just have a personnel folder.” Ever heard that? Ever said that? Well on one hand investing in software that manages thousands when you have a small team all sitting in one room may seem a little daft but on the other hand, a well-managed, appropriate HRIS could save a lot of time and stress even for a microenterprise. It’s also unlikely you’ll have a dedicated HR representative so keeping on track of legislation, payroll and other HR requirements can be a struggle. A good HRIS system will save you money and potentially keep your business legal.

There are lots of recent additions to the choice of platforms you have. Bath-based, Citrus HR provide a very well respected HRIS along with HR support. Their fees are minimal, their platform is well-designed for non-HR professionals and crucially they don’t trap you into terrifying contracts.

HRIS for Small Businesses

Here in the UK, we tend to classify a small business as having fewer than 50 staff. Therefore the likelihood is that you have at least one person dedicated to HR. 50 people take serious management, especially in shift-type businesses. Often retailers, construction and hospitality companies come into this bracket.

A particular interesting HRIS that fits the bill is Deputy. This platform has excellent staff management functionality including timesheets and time clocks which are updated in real-time. Deputy offers all the payroll management and onboarding features needed too. For SMEs with shifting…er shifts, Deputy is the HRIS for you.

HRIS for Medium Businesses

If we consider a medium-sized business to be between 250 and 500 people there is rather a dilemma in choosing HR systems. There are plenty of accessible, intuitive brands designed for small businesses and then there are the megaliths for big business. It may be sensible to opt for one of the platforms that offer the most adaptability in what you pay and the functions you receive.

ZOHO People breaks down the tasks of an HR department and you essentially pay for what you need. You can tailor your HRIS to suit your business needs and expand and reduce the functionality if required.

HRIS for Large Businesses

As recruiters, our main job is matching SuccessFactors and Workday consultants with huge corporations around the world. SuccessFactors and Workday is part of SAP and sits amongst the giants of management software. We tend to think of large businesses having in excess of 250 employees but when it comes to HRIS the likes of SAP SuccessFactors and Workday, Workday and Oracle target the corporate giants with tens of thousands of employees.

These platforms have so much to offer and really contain the whole operations of a business into one suite of software. Multi-nationals invest hugely in creating the perfect combination to suit their business with bespoke integrations and design.  Unless you have at least a thousand employees and are looking to grow, there are smaller, more agile platforms available.

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