Recruiting HR Technology consultants

Creatively Recruiting HR Technology Consultants

No business has a faultless recruitment history and often it’s the ‘perfect fits’ that turn out to be the problem hires.  It’s our job to look beyond the stats, for the personalities that fit with your business but the hiring process should also encourage alternative strategies to find the star consultants.


Hiring is a two-way partnership

The fastest way of putting off the ambitious forward-thinking consultant is to dictate company culture. Top-down, highly-structured regimes rarely foster creativity and innovation.  You may not want someone who turns the system on its head but you do want a problem solver that has personal investment in the project.  Focussing on flexibility, innovation and project-ownership will attract the consultant with true passion.  Think about how the business will benefit the interviewee in ways other than financial.  A good consultant will not be short of offers and you need to impress them too!


Value commitment

A candidate that has a genuine interest in working for your business is a valuable commodity.  It can be tricky to determine real interest from practiced technique but when you see it, take note!  We have candidates desperate to work for one or two specific companies and the likelihood is that they’ll be a more successful hire than a more experienced consultant without that focus.  Don’t mistake keenness for desperation – it’s great to find people with dedication and the passion to fight for a role.


Provide a range of opportunities for candidates to shine

We all have our individual strengths and weaknesses.  Some of us can ace interviews, some struggle.  Some of us thrive in problem-solving in a team, others prefer to lock themselves away to focus individually.  Think about setting practical tasks, group work and even games that demonstrate useful skills.  If your hiring process benefits some characters at the expense of others, regardless of skills and potential, you’re going to miss out on building a dynamic diverse team.  There are so many innovative hiring strategies out there and it’s important to engage with them rather than always hiring ‘people like us’.


Trust the recruiters!

Well we would say that…..!  As recruiters we have a different relationship with candidates.  Sure we want them to get the job but we also don’t want to waste the time of the client.  Sometimes prospective candidates come across very well to us and then the pressure of the interview breaks them.  We don’t know better but if you’re unsure, we can provide an opinion based on the thousands of candidates we see coming through.  Often candidates will feel easier showing their enthusiasm to us and want to play it (too) cool in interview.  Sometimes they forget to mention a really valuable experience or underplay their skills when the heat is on.  Sometimes their confidence is seen as arrogance when we’ve spent time reassuring them that their skills are up to scratch.  A perfect interviewee doesn’t mean a perfect consultant and we often have a different (and sometimes useful!) perspective.