Food and fitness

Food and fitness to boost productivity when working from home

When you lose the routine of heading into the office every day it is easy to slip into bad habits regarding food and fitness. If fifteen cups of coffee and no breakfast or the realisation you haven’t seen daylight for a couple of days seems familiar these tips may help your productivity and general wellbeing.

Low energy levels?

Do you get to 2pm and struggle to stay awake? When working from home it’s easier to succumb to the temptation to nod off! Sticking to a low GI has dramatically improved my energy levels and I no longer suffer from the afternoon slump. Choose low GI alternatives to white bread, white rice and potatoes for a start. Replace your sandwich with a protein based salad or a delicious soup. My bowl of porridge with fresh berries in the morning sets me up for the day and staves off those energy highs and lows. If this is an issue with you try a low GI diet for a week and see how it goes – it certainly won’t do you any harm!

Take a break to eat

When we’re distracted by work we tend to eat more. When working from home it’s sometimes difficult to take a break so get into the habit of stopping for lunch. Don’t eat at your desk. Move away, think about your food and relax. You are sure to make better food choices and take that well-earned break that will provide you with a more productive afternoon. If the weather is good, it’s great to take your lunch outside for a total change of scenery.

Watch your caffeine intake

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with caffeine but I certainly know that I can drink a pot quite easily when working from home. If you have sugar or full fat milk in your coffee or tea remember to keep an eye on how much you’re consuming. If you’re drinking more that 4 caffeinated drinks a day (including cola or energy drinks) it’s probably worth looking at the current research. Every one is different but if you have issues getting to sleep it’s definitely a good idea to consider your coffee or tea intake. A combination of a day low in physical activity and too much coffee is going to play havoc with your sleep patterns.

Get moving

This is one of the most challenging aspects of working from home. It’s easy enough to move only a couple of steps in a whole day and the pounds will pile on! If you don’t have a regular exercise regime perhaps an activity tracker could be your first step. For a start you’ll be able to see when you have hardly moved in a day and it will shake you into action. It should encourage you to get up and walk on the spot during your working day. Attachment taking a while to upload? Take the opportunity to get some steps in!

Talk to family and friends

If you’re lucky enough to have someone to prepare your meals, let them know that you need healthy options now you’re working from home. They’ll (hopefully!) want the best for you and understand the situation. Don’t use the excuse that the food had already been prepared. A balanced diet is good for everyone, so use the excuse that you’re working from home so you need to ensure that you’re eating healthily to improve the food habits of your entire family.