Hiring SuccessFactors and Workday Consultants

The easy way to hire a SuccessFactors and Workday consultant

If you need to hire a SuccessFactors and Workday Consultant for your project contact us.

The process will be as follows –

  1.  You describe your requirement to us and we become clear on exactly what you need.
  2. We speak to some Consultants that we know who can do the role and gain their approval / commitment to be submitted for the position.
  3. We send their profiles to you and rate information for your perusal.
  4. If it is a Consultant we have worked with already (which it normally is) we will have client references already, if it isn’t we will obtain these for you to make sure they are as good as they seem.
  5. You tell us which ones you would like to speak to and arrange the calls for you.
  6. After the calls you advise us which Consultant you wish to hire and we will tie up the paperwork for you.
  7. All legal and insurance documents, NDA’s and Non-compete clauses etc. will be signed to protect your commercial interests.
  8. The Consultant will begin working on your project!

The next time you need additional SuccessFactors and Workday resources contact us. We will make sure it is a stress free and ultimately successful experience for all parties!