Improve Wellbeing

Improve wellbeing in 2016

Have you had one of those days where you have done nothing but stare at the screen and scoffed junk food without averting your eyes? We’ve all been guilty of this at some point but it’s the time of year to reinforce the healthy body healthy mind mantra. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you improve wellbeing especially for remote and home-workers.

1. You are not wasting time when you take a break!

Studies have shown that performance deteriorates after around 50-60 minutes of continuous work. Short, regular breaks are essential for optimum productivity, alleviating stress and general wellbeing. Why not schedule hourly breaks to get up from your chair and jog on the spot for two minutes, take a swift walk around the block or even meditate. Checking social media or watching TV are unlikely to do you much benefit! Check out these tips and additional benefits Taking Mini Breaks at Work

2. Exercise at your desk

There are a range of exercises you can do at your desk. We spotted some nifty under-desk pedal machines so you can work-out all day! Standing desks are also becoming more popular as posture-issues increase. Alternatively getting into the habit of simple movements you can conduct whilst working may be the solution. I try to stretch to the sky when I’m waiting for a web page to reload or roll my shoulders as I try to solve a tricky issue. It may not sound like much but it’s very easy to be almost motionless for hours at a time if you’re not aware of it. This site has a comprehensive (and rather amusing) selection of office-based exercises for you to try Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work

3. Prepare meals

Okay, I’m not saying you need to prepare from scratch a three-course meal every lunch-time! I’m not sure any employers (outside of the catering industry) would be happy with that. It’s just important to avoid the ‘open packet, then consume’ style of eating, especially when it doesn’t involve leaving your desk. Preparing a salad, making a sandwich or even reheating some left-overs provides a little bit of time-out from your work. You tend to eat more healthily and you’ve stretched your legs, if only the distance from desk to kitchen. Check out these recipes for healthy lunches that are quick to prepare – Healthy lunch recipes

4. When you’re not at work, get out of the house!

Scenario: Wake up at 7am, start work at 8am, eat lunch at desk, finish work at 6pm, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed, repeat. It’s not difficult to allow that to become your daily routine. If this is familiar to you, 2016 is the year to say goodbye to drudgery! For anyone who works from home, it is really important to leave the house at least once in your day, whether that’s to do a 10k run, pick up the kids, walk the dog or even do your groceries. Cabin fever is a productivity killer – get out now!

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