Build your SuccessFactors and Workday CV – Part 2

Mastering the SuccessFactors and Workday profile …

Now you’ve got all the personal details sorted (Part 1) it’s time to sell your skills.  What makes you the ideal SuccessFactors and Workday consultant?  What sets you apart and where’s the evidence?  By the time the recruiter has passed your CV onto the client your suitability for the role has been checked.  You’ve got the permission to work in the location (unless the visa is arranged by the client) and you have the suitable qualifications.  Now here’s the hard part!

  • Your SuccessFactors and Workday profile should be a 150-170 word summary.  Keep it short and snappy.  80-120 words should describe your IT career to date and the remaining 30-50 words should be about your key strengths.
  • This is the most important part of your CV as it is what the client will read first.  Check your  spelling and grammar thoroughly.  Get someone else to check it too – it’s much harder to see your own mistakes.
  • Think about presentation.  The profile is normally a couple of paragraphs.  Only use bullet-points if you feel it is genuinely the best way to present yourself (remember your experience will be listed below).
  • Re-write, re-organise and edit. If you’re going to spend time it should be here.  Write a list of the milestones in your career and write down your strengths.  What is the narrative?  How does the experience relate to your strengths?  Please don’t write this section of the top of your head – demonstrate your great analytical skills by presenting a well thought-out, structured and persuasive profile.
Current role
  • Ideally this is the last item of page 1 of your CV. It should include;
    • Company name
    • Job title
    • Project information i.e. module(s), technologies, SOW
    • Duties / tasks carried out.  This should be bullet-pointed as it makes it much easier for us to scan through.
  • Put enough detail in here.  Don’t assume that we’ll know the composite tasks involved in this role.  A role may well have the same title but the tasks do vary and you need to be explicit about what you did.

….and onto page 2!

Recent roles
  • Continue listing your recent roles in reverse chronological order with the details above covering the last 5 years.
  • Depending on the amount of contracts you’ve had in the last 5 years you may wish to abbreviate your duties and tasks.  List all your roles but you might want to focus on a maximum of 4 roles – make sure there aren’t gaps.  Draw the attention to the roles that match most closely the role you’re applying for and highlight the specific skills involved.
Previous roles
  • For positions over 5 years ago just list the following;
    • Dates
    • Company name
    • Job title
    • Project information (modules, technologies, SOW)


With your CV laid out like this with a hot SuccessFactors and Workday profile your skills and experience will be clear and easily identifiable for the client, and will ultimately lead to more options in the SuccessFactors and Workday consulting world. Very best of luck!