Telephone Interview

Top tips for a SuccessFactors and Workday telephone interview

Prepare for a SuccessFactors and Workday telephone interview

Our advice to you here which we always say to people before telephone interviews that will often be across different continents, have more than 2 people on the call and when different accents / dialects may also be involved is as follows –

  • Make sure that you will be somewhere quiet for the call. SuccessFactors and Workday can be a complicated topic!
  • Listen hard to their questions / points, and wait till the right time to say your piece.
  • Make sure that you speak loudly, clearly and slowly to ensure that you will be fully heard and understood.
  • Maybe have a coffee 15 minutes before so that your brain will be nice and sharp (!)
  • Be sensitive to the client’s questions.  If you can sense that the client are interested in a specific area of your SuccessFactors and Workday experience then tell them as much as possible about your experience in this area / where you have done this etc. (again, speaking loudly, clearly and slowly).
  • Finally – be honest! If you don’t know something they ask about SuccessFactors and Workday then tell them you don’t, but tell them how you would find out how to do it and also if you have done something similar before then tell them about that too and why you believe this expereince will make it easier for you to learn / adapt to the new skill if you do get the job.  This helps to show them that you will hit the ground running well and that you are ‘solution focussed’.

That’s it for today!  I hope you will find the above useful and we wish you all the best with your next SuccessFactors and Workday telephone interview. We hope that it will be us who arranges it for you!

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