SuccessFactors and Workday

Build your SuccessFactors and Workday network with social media

We live in a world where we can use the tools of social media to connect with like-minded folks all over the globe but how many of us actually utilise that ability? Social media provides a great way of networking without those awkward conversations – you can participate as much as you want. These are our top tips for the first steps in building your SuccessFactors and Workday network.

Join the groups, follow the pages

First of all you need to be in the same (online) room. On LinkedIn search for the top SuccessFactors and Workday groups and join them. Global SuccessFactors and Workday and SAP Community and Global SAP and SuccessFactors and Workday Community have thousands of followers and as a SuccessFactors and Workday professional you should probably be one of them! Freemont also have a group for SuccessFactors and Workday professionals so please join that! Also follow the SAP SuccessFactors and Workday company page so that their updates appear in your feed.

For Facebook users follow the SAP SuccessFactors and Workday page and there are a few groups out there, often run by training companies or recruiters. If there is a specific aspect you’re interested in, you may find a group that really speaks to you.

Interact with other SuccessFactors and Workday professionals

Once you’ve surveyed the landscape and seen the types of conversation and dialogue surrounding SuccessFactors and Workday online it is time to interact! If you see something interesting, informative or just a spot-on opinion why not ‘like’ or offer a brief comment “Really interesting article – thanks for sharing”. Your comments don’t need to be long or show your huge experience. On LinkedIn a brief show of appreciation often leads to an invitation to connect. Only offer genuine comments when you have actually clicked on the link and don’t feel the need to comment on everything.

Become a SuccessFactors and Workday thought-leader

You may well be cringing but thought-leader is just a cheesy way of saying someone who knows his or her onions! Proving you know what you’re talking about without sounding like a know-it-all is a tricky balancing act. Rather than posting long articles about how wise you are (yes, I do see the irony) the best way of showing your prowess is by answering other people’s questions. The golden moment is when you see a long conversation about a particularly tricky query and you know exactly what the solution is – you’ve been there and done it. Rather than wade in the obvious expert, a humble ‘have you tried….?’ demonstrates not only your genius but your modest, generous personality! People will want to know you, word will spread and the invitations to connect will flood in (hopefully).

Social media networking is about sharing the knowledge, supporting fellow professionals and building your community.  This is our mantra for networking both on and offline.

“Be genuine and be generous”