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From our headquarters here in the Shoreditch, London we are continually deploying SAP SuccessFactors and Workday Consultants to a multitude of companies throughout Europe and the US on a daily basis. We have full visibility of all current and upcoming roles with over 20 of the SuccessFactors and Workday Implementation Partners globally, so we will always be able to keep you nice and busy!


We work with passion, integrity and a ‘Quality Focussed’ approach here that is often so hard to find elsewhere in today’s IT services market. We cover all of the different skill sets within SuccessFactors and Workday, and also all of the worlds time zones too, so we are always available to speak with you whatever your skills at any time of the day no matter which part of the world you live.


No two placements are the same so we are dedicated to keeping candidates and clients informed throughout the process. Communication is key!

Hiring IT Consultants

Our commitment to candidates

At Freemont Associates we will never, ever forward your profile to a Client without first gaining your prior consent. This, we believe, is the most important commitment that you need to have from us, and it is only from such a solid foundation that a trusting and successful relationship will grow. Of course this should always be the case whoever you work with, but we all know that this isn’t always how it works.

Rest assured that when choosing to work with Freemont Associates you are choosing to become part of a highly professional, highly rewarding and ultimately highly successful business partnership.

Step 1

As a SuccessFactors and Workday Consultant when you are considering a new move or you are becoming available for a new contract position contact us. We will arrange to have a 1 hour telephone call at a time that is suitable for you so that we can discuss your preferences, needs and what your ideal position will be.

Step 2

We will look through our list of current SuccessFactors and Workday opportunities and give you the details of each one that seems like it could be relevant. If you are happy with the role / rate / salary etc. then, with your agreement, we will speak to the Client about you / your profile on your behalf and look to arrange a call for you with the Client to discuss the opportunity further.

Step 3

We will prepare you for your telephone interview and answer any questions you have before the call. If the call goes well and you are interested in the position we will arrange the necessary paperwork for you and agree the start date. Please see our article for more guidance on preparing for telephone interviews.

Step 4

Firstly celebrate! If it is a permanent position that you have taken then we will stay in contact with you on a monthly basis and be on hand to help you with any concerns at any time. For contract positions we offer a responsive payment service including an online approval system.

We will assign you with a dedicated point of contact who will  sort out any issues that may arise, and answer any questions that you  have.

Case Studies


Stephan, an experienced LMS Consultant, contacted us in April to say that his current contract will expire in a few weeks time. Having spoken with him in detail it became clear that he would prefer a full time contract position but to work remotely.

We identified a relevant position on our books and discussed it with him. He was happy to be submitted for the role.


Natalie, an experienced EC Consultant, came to us to say that she was unhappy in her current role due to being passed over for promotion and not being fully utilized on SFSF roles. Having tried to find a solution with her manager she felt that she had no choice but to leave and start in a new role elsewhere.This was an uneasy time for her as she had been at the company for 3 years and this was the first time she would be moving from one SuccesssFactors related role into another.

We were able to walk her through the process and having found a new role for her with a leading Implementation Partner in Switzerland that really suited her needs. She has since started there and moved on to be a project manager. Follow-up communication has proved that both client and candidate are extremely satisfied!

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