SuccessFactors and Workday contract

Five things to check when considering your next SuccessFactors and Workday contract

Negotiating timescales / overlaps

Found the perfect SuccessFactors and Workday contract but the timing just isn’t right? Don’t dismiss it right away. So many projects overrun, are postponed or fail to get off the ground on schedule, that it’s always worth negotiating a start date. With contract work, flexibility is expected both from consultant and hirer and both should be willing to compromise. Part of our job is to broker that compromise – talk to the recruiter first. We know our clients and some work to schedules set in stone but others know that a bit of free-styling gives them an advantage! If you’re a strong SuccessFactors and Workday professional you are in high demand and employers will often work around your commitments to secure top talent!

Remuneration / benefits

Say what you like about recruiters but we will always work to ensure you get fair remuneration! Our fee is a percentage of the value of your contract – that’s how it works and obviously that works to your advantage. We know the market rates, we know the maximum the client is prepared to pay and we know how much competition there is for a role. There is rarely negotiation for a higher fee than we state. Where there is negotiation is in additional benefits. Clients can be pretty flexible, especially if they are matching a competitor’s benefits package. Talk to us about your existing perks (be honest) and think about the benefits you would like and can justify – a company car for a remote worker isn’t likely to cut the mustard!

Contract extensions

When you’re working on a contract basis you are always balancing periods of tough deadlines with worries of where the next paycheque is coming from. Something that can put a real spanner in the works is SuccessFactors and Workday contract extensions. You may think you have brilliantly lined up contracts to keep you secure for the next year and then the very first contract runs over and scuppers everything. As the wonderful Douglas Adams said

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

You may hit all your deadlines without fail but don’t guarantee your team will. Problem is that possibly the worst thing you can do for your professional reputation is to walk out of an unfinished project. Discuss possible eventualities with us before you line up commitments and avoid the stress of time management disaster.

The team – who you will be working with / reporting to

The company structure is vital, especially if you are on a remote contract. Be aware of how you like to work, the level of autonomy that you need to perform well and the structures that you’re familiar with. You can ask the recruiter or the client directly but it’s important to get a sense of your position within the organisation. Less successful placements are normally a result of poor communication of structure and responsibilities. If a client has always worked in a specific way they may be unaware of their unorthodox hierarchies so it’s up to you to ensure you really understand what the job entails and your position within the team.

Your career progress

When you’re a remote contractor it can seem like a lifetime of feast and famine, overworked or out of work. It’s the nature of the game but don’t let desperation prevent you from progressing your career. As I’ve said before a hot SuccessFactors and Workday consultant won’t be out of work for long! Think about how the next job is going to challenge you, push you forward and allow you to command a higher fee or guarantee work in the future. You don’t need to jump up the ladder on every contract you take but you should think of your long-term aims every time, to avoid a stagnating SuccessFactors and Workday career.