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Build your SuccessFactors and Workday CV – Part 1

Start writing the ultimate SuccessFactors and Workday CV…

All CVs are different and if every resume we received was identical in appearance it would be quite a boring world.  By all means show your creative skills but we recommend that you lay out your SuccessFactors and Workday CV along these lines.  It’s amazing how many highly skilled consultants manage to omit their telephone number, or even their name!  If you follow a checklist you’re reducing your chances of making an embarrassing mistake.

  • This should be the name on your passport
  • If you wish to be referred to by another name please make this clear but include your official name
  • This should be your current address and in the country where you are resident
  • If you have two addresses or regularly work between countries / cities you can add more than one address but please write a sentence to explain.
  • This is very important and don’t assume the client will know which country your address is in. Yes we can Google it but make it easy for us! For example there are multiple places called Santiago throughout the world – do what you can to avoid confusion.
Photo in right hand corner
  • Having a photo on your CV is a very culturally specific thing. Here in the UK we don’t tend to add photos and some clients ask for them to be removed due to discrimination law. In mainland Europe it is more common to include a photo but never essential. Think hard as to whether a photo really supports your achievements.
Telephone number
  • It is good form to include the international dialling code. Again we can Google the code for Mexico but how long would it take you just to write your number with an international perspective. A home and mobile number helps but it’s becoming more and more acceptable just to include your mobile.
  • Please, please, please have a professional email address. It can be a webmail but avoid the or the Your name and surname and a number if necessary e.g. (if, of course, your name is Abraham Lincoln!).
LinkedIn address
  • Most consultants are on LinkedIn and some clients may expect you to be. Include your LinkedIn address so that they can check the details on your CV against those online. Make sure they match!
  • It’s not essential but if you have a Skype address include it on your CV. It shows you know how to use it and there is a chance that they’ll want to conduct a Skype interview – show that you’ve anticipated all eventualities.
  • Always add this, and also what Passport/s and Working Visa’s you already have.
  • Quality over quantity. It may look impressive to list 5 languages but you don’t want to get to interview stage and find that it’s being conducted in Spanish when your language ability stretches to ordering dinner. Concentrate on the skills that will be important for your role. If one of your languages is spoken by 1,000 people in the jungles of Borneo, it may look impressive but it’s not that useful. Think about what the client wants. If you are a polyglot, list the languages in order of proficiency and state your level and any certificates received i.e. IELTS 7.5.
  • Your education should be post-18 unless you have got a qualification or achievement before then that is particularly relevant.
  • List your degree and university with the dates that you attended. Don’t worry if the subject of your degree doesn’t seem relevant.  SuccessFactors and Workday consultants come from a wide range of backgrounds and clients are very accepting of that diversity.
  • If you have a qualification that may not be internationally known, please explain. If your qualification is specific to your country or region it is probably also compared with an international standard.  For example you may have Level 7 Business Management which is internationally recognised as the equivalent of a post-graduate diploma.  Make it easy for us and the client!  The harder work your CV is to understand the more likely it is that it will get pushed to the side – sorry but that’s how life is in a competitive market.
  • Grades – it’s entirely up to you if you give your grades for your degree and beyond. If you achieved low grades it’s probably best to leave them off but equally be carefully about achieving top of your class throughout.  To some it could suggest that you may not be a team player or a bit of a show-off.  Your CV must put you in the best light for the job and sometimes proving you’re the best at everything isn’t what the client wants.
Professional qualifications
  • You may have a list of professional qualifications as long as your arm or you may have no formal qualifications but huge amounts of relevant experience.  If you have relevant professional qualifications list them here. Professional qualifications can vary greatly so ensure that you explain the subject and list the accrediting body or institute where you studied.

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